Wirewound Tubular Fixed Resistors 7.5W – 160W and Mounting Hardware
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    Wirewound fixed (unregulated) resistors of tubular type FPT (RX20, RXG, RXHG) series, rated resistance from 1 Ohm to 100 kOhm, resistor dissipation power from 7.5W to 160W. Resistors are designed for using in AC and DC circuits, providing current limitation and voltage distribution. Wirewound Tubular Resistors are available to the order of rated power: 7.5W, 10W, 15W, 25W, 50W, 75W, 100W, 160W. Resistors with a specific rated power can also be manufactured to individual order.

   Structurally, the resistor consists of a tubular ceramic core on which a constantan (low resistance resistor) or nichrome (high resistance resistor) wire is wound. Resistors are coated with heat-resistant and moisture-resistant insulating paint. Contacts, resistor leads are rigid, tape type with screw holes or for soldering conductors. Kind of mounting is hinged. Mounting of resistors on the panel is provided by a set of fasteners. Resistance tolerance is ±5%, ±10%. The maximum operating voltage at AC is 1000V, at DC – 1400V. Operating elevated ambient temperature does not exceed +155°C (at the same time the power is reduced to 60% of the nominal power), the limit temperature up to +250°C. The insulation resistance of wire resistors is at least 1000 MOhm. Working time – at least 15000 hours.

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05.02. 2021 На сайт добавлены профессиональные герметичные разъемы

ООО "Никан Энерджи" представляет на рынке Украины профессиональные герметичные разъемы, с классом защиты IP65/IP67. 

Широкая линейка водонепроницаемых разъемов позволяет использовать их в различных областях  - медицине, железнодорожной промышленности, автомобилестроении, для передачи аудио- и видео сигналов, сигналов связи. Использование герметичных разъемов - также возможно при сборке солнечных панелей.


Отдельно нужно сказать про DATA герметичные разъемы - это разъемы RJ45, USB, FIBER, HDMI.